Welcome to Beautifully Well Blog

There is something about January that inspires me to get back to blogging regularly. I have started, restarted, and revamped my blog many times over the years. Writing is a passion of mine and a form of therapy. When I was a teenager I used to write poems as a form of self-expression and as an escape from the emotions and pain I was experiencing as a result of childhood trauma. I didn’t realize it at the time but there is something so freeing about writing out your thoughts and feelings, and for me even more so when I share my story with others. But since it’s still mostly just a hobby of mine it always gets pushed aside when the responsibilities of life get in the way.

If there’s one thing that 2020 taught me however is that it’s important to make more time in life for the things that bring you joy and nurture your mental health, and to let go of those that aren’t serving you anymore. Like many last year was personally a huge year of change, coping with new challenges, learning, and growth. It was full of ups and downs and of course most of these things were out of our control.

Change brings change and whether it is forced or planned change it can help us put things in perspective and give us the opportunity to set new goals. So with that I have revamped my blog to reflect my ever-evolving wellness journey as part of my own healing process and in hopes I can help others along the way. I will be sharing non-toxic living tips for mental and physical health, clean beauty tips and products I love, positive thoughts and inspiration, as well as my own beautifully imperfect story from chronic illness to wellness.

Whether you are here for support or for inspiration for your own path to wellness I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for following along!

Be Well – Krissy

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